Summer Solstice Discounts

Best Time Of The Year For Firewood Log Prices

Welcome To The Summersummer-solstice

The days are long and the nights are short, however June 21-22 heralds the start of the nights becoming longer than the days again.

Winter is still a long way off but the smart little squirrel stores his nuts all Summer long and we’re here to help you build your log stores up during the next couple of months.

Local Area Customers

Although you can buy any amount of nets to anywhere mainland UK and pay a shipping cost, our Free Local Delivery Area covers most of Central Scotland by postcode. It’s simple to find out if your postcode is included in this growing distribution area, simply ensure you have a minimum of 6 nets of logs in your cart then enter your postcode where you will be offered a Free Local Delivery option before checkout.

Local Area Minimum Quantity Slashed

We realise that you may not want the same quantities of wood as you need over Winter but you may want to buy little and often to stock up your log store over time or to have a smaller amount on hand for the occasional chilly Summer evening.

That’s why we’ve reduced the minimum order quantity to just 6 nets of logs. Our drivers are in every corner of Central Scotland every week all year round and our lead time is still only 2-3 working days.

Automatic and Volume Discounts

Birch price is slashed at the moment from the Winter 2014-15 price of (starting at) £6.95 to a current low of (starting at) £6.53 you can further reduce this to £6.20 just by logging into your account. Just try it out!

  • One bag of birch in your cart logged out = £6.53
  • One bag of birch in your cart logged in = £6.20

Volume discounts kick in when you have a minimum of 20 nets in your cart.

If you are having difficulty accessing your account or you are not seeing the discount when logged in please contact our customer service line which is open 7 days a week from 8am – 9pm

Extra Fire Festival Discount now Active

Access a further 5% off your order by using the popular code FIRE5 at the checkout which is active again for one use per customer until the 30th of June 2015

Call Free from your Mobile!

Call us free from your mobile phone on our new number 0333 577 3799
Call us free from your landline on 0800 112 3799

Apart from our online shop at we also have an Ebay shop, products on Amazon and now a new crafty Etsy Shop slowly being filled with goodies for design projects and craft ideas. We do however, reserve the best prices for our regular customers who create an account on the website in order to take advantage of our regular promotions and discounts.

Reward Program

We greatly value recommendation and worth of mouth referrals and would like to reward you for promoting our products to your friends and family who may also be wood burners. It’s easy to use our referral service, simply click the reward program tab at the bottom left of any page on the reservoir logs website and send the discount code to an email address or share via facebook or twitter.

Wall of Logs Interior Design Ideas

All of our firewood is of decorative quality.  All wood is cut to 25cm then kiln dried and the nicest logs are taken out before the firewood is netted.log stacks

If you’re thinking of filling that empty fireplace or shelves with a wall of wood then we can help.  Whether it’s a small area that requires smaller diameter logs or a larger area that requires many large diameter (small tree trunk size) logs.

Our man on the band saw can cut them to smaller lengths if you don’t have much depth to work with.  If you’re looking for cut through logs or “slices” of round logs for design projects on walls then we can cut them from 1cm thick.

log slicesWe can bundle up logs of uniform diameter if you like and we can also supply in bulk for really large commercial interior design projects.

Speak to Mr Pink today.  Freephone from Mobiles 0333 577 3799

Beltane Bonfire 10% discount

Beltane Bonfire

10% off for the Start of Summer

Join us in celebrating the start of Summer with the re-opening of our yearly Beltane Fire Festival discount. Use the FIRE10 discount code which is available to use with no minimum purchase until the 5th of May 2015.reservoir logs

We deliver all year round and delivery is estimated on the weight of your logs and the destination postcode. We offer an overnight service to mainland UK by either courier or pallet.

If you are in one of our Local Delivery Areas then a minimum order of only 90kgs (that’s 6 nets of kiln dried birch) will activate the free delivery option at the checkout. Local Area Delivery includes most postcodes within EH, FK, G, ML, KY (Central Scotland).

We are adding further areas to our Local Delivery Areas over the Summer months in time for next Season

In the meantime please use our new lower minimum order weight to your advantage by ordering monthly over the Summer to build up your store for next Winter.

There are a variety of payment options on offer, please contact us regarding direct debit options or recurring paypal or card arrangements.

UK Wide Delivery of Decorative Quality Hardwood

As a premium quality supplier of kiln dried hardwoods it’s hard not to come across logs which are too beautiful to burn.

full round logs sawn to 20cm

We just kept receiving enquiries asking if we would cut logs to a certain size. Well, we can but within certain parameters.

We cut all of our hardwoods to 25cm then we have a couple of options on what we can do with the log and this really depends on the size of the space you have to fill and the stability of the display.

Of course, there are plenty of shortcuts and tips you can take to get creative and build your display on a budget and we always love to hear them and your ideas! If you have a suggestion or a project you would like to share then please contact us.

We deliver nationwide and the shopping cart will work out the best option for you whether overnight courier or pallet or even delivery by our Local Area Drivers.


Warning:  These logs were not stored at Hatton Garden and were not involved in any jewellery heists.  reservoir logs hereby disengages itself from any relationship with Mr Ginger, he never has been and never will be part of the crew.

If the Oak is out before the Ash…


reservoir logs kiln dried logs

firewood deliveries all year round

If the “If the oak is out before the ash then we are in for a splash,
But if the ash is out before the oak we are in for a soak”

One thing we’ve found from working for so long in the firewood industry is that you become pre-occupied with the weather. We always find it amazing how some of these old sayings usually make sense…

We’ve still got plenty of Oak in stock and it’s unlikely that it will be “out” before the Ash which is back in stock on Friday 10th April 2015 and available for pre-order now although in limited quantity.

Birch is still at a sale price and volume discounts are in operation throughout the shopping cart, however, we’ve taken the liberty of posting a separate product in our very best deal for BULK BUY BIRCH which we hope you will take advantage off to stuff your log store for a “fully stacked” Summer!

Halloween or Samhain?

Halloween or Samhain?

We all know about Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve but did you know that it coincides with the Celtic Festival of Samhain?  A time when the veil between this world and the next is thin. It’s a good time to do some fire scrying!

Celebrate Samhain on October 31 in the Northern Hemisphere, and May 1 in the Southern Hemisphere.

Bride of the earth,
sister of the faeries,
daughter of the Tuatha de Danaan,
keeper of the eternal flame.
In autumn, the nights began to lengthen,
and the days grew shorter,
as the earth went to sleep.
Now, Brighid stokes her fire,
burning flames in the hearth,
bringing light back to us once more.
Winter is brief, but life is forever.
Brighid makes it so.

Light a fire for the Feast of Samhain and keep the fire burning throughout this coming Winter season.

One use per coupon per customer.  Offer ends 31st October 2014 at 12pm midnight wooooOOoooo