How about speaking to someone who is up front and honest with you when you are looking for a firewood delivery?

How about if you got a friendly voice on the end of the phone 7 days a week from 8am in the morning until the watershed?keep warm and burn logs

What is it worth to you to have a reliable, consistent quality supplier of kiln dried hardwood logs which are ready to burn in your open fire or wood burning stove from the moment you get them onto your premises?

Then look no further than reservoir logs.

Join the many satisfied customers who purchase their firewood from reservoir logs on a regular basis.

We deliver hardwood firewood logs and kindling ready to burn throughout the UK. You can opt for overnight courier delivery for smaller amounts of wood and pallet delivery for larger log deliveries.

If you are in one of our Local Log Delivery Areas then you can take advantage of our Free Shipping option for deliveries over 100kgs.

Our friendly customer service staff (Mr Pink), prompt and courteous delivery drivers (Mr Brown, Mr White, Mr Green, Mr Blonde, Mr Orange, Mr Blue and Nice Guy Eddy) ensure that you are keen to come back to reservoir logs for your firewood needs again and again.

You may have just installed a wood burning stove or you may have been burning wood logs for years.  Either way, we want to make sure you are happy with the quality and quantity of logs you get for your hard earned cash.

The moisture content of our kiln dried firewood logs is guaranteed to be below 20% and in most cases is much, much lower.  A firewood log with very low moisture content produces a hotter fire or, in technical terms, a higher calorific output.

shop for logs now

shop for logs now

From our shop you can purchase seasoned softwood, seasoned hardwood, kiln dried softwood and kiln dried hardwood when they become available.  We always have kiln dried hardwood available as it defies the seasons, is nice and easy to catch alight and stores brilliantly.

Please call on the freephone number, mobile or landline or email for more details.









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Reservoir Logs

10 comments on “home

  1. I have bought logs from several sources previously and Reservoir Logs are definitely the best. Having had several deliveries now, I can say that they are always of a consistently high standard, never damp, mouldy or moss covered, and they give out a lovely heat. The net bags are really covenient as you don’t have to empty a builders bag or stack them, and they are easy to carry from the woodshed to the fireplace. Lastly, delivery is fast and reliable, I cannot recommend them highly enough.

  2. Mhairi Jarvis on said:

    Burning some of our log delivery this evening – fantastic hot burners!! I can sit at the other side of the room and feel the warmth instead of having to virtually sit in the fire with the logs we have bought from elsewhere!!

  3. excellent service and excellent product. Will use again

  4. R Anderson on said:

    Came home from work to discover logs delivered on the day they said they would be, neatly stacked, no mess and not obstructing the close. Amazed at how well they burn, almost no need for kindling. The trees have obviously been well Limbed as all the logs are uniform and easy to stack.

    superb service wish i’d been dealing with them for longer

  5. Hamish McIlwraith on said:

    After struggling for many weeks to find a reliable supplier of wood, I was delighted to discover Resevoir Logs.They offer a no-nonsense high quality service. Everything is neatly stacked when it is delivered (and on time). All the logs burn really well and – best of all – I know that when I order my standard sized net bags I get what I pay for.

  6. D Cameron on said:

    Great logs. Great service. Good price. What more do you want!

  7. Iain Sinclair on said:

    Reservoir logs is a business that others should aspire to. From the initial call with a courteous and professional Linda through to prompt delivery from the experienced and knowledgeable Jason the only thing to complete the experience would be the high quality logs they claim to deliver. I was not to be disappointed. Netted, clean and assistance to stack, culminated in a roaring fire in the evening with the best wood I’ve burnt in 5 years. Will definitely be back…..thanks guys

  8. L A R on said:

    Reservoir Logs – in Fife – great, firendly (sorry…!) service; and deliver when they say they will – logs good too – what more could we ask?

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